Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Agony and Ecstasy of Being a Florida Marlins Fan.

Times are tight financially, but I’ve been saving my spare change to buy a good ticket when my beloved Florida Marlins come to town to play the Pirates. Then, earlier this week I was faced with quite a dilemma.
One of my classmates invited me to this Friday’s Pirates game against the Cubs. Even though I’ve been wanting to get out to PNC Park since opening day I didn’t want to spend my money designated for the Marlins to get there. Then after a few minutes of pondering the answer to my problems dawned on me. Because of the Marlins unique franchise history, going to a Cubs game would be just about the same as going to a Marlins game this year. “How so?” you ask. I’ll explain.

This off-season the Marlins upheld team tradition by dismantling the nucleus of the team that won the 2003 World Series, just like they did to the 1997 team. As a result I’ll be able to see more of my favorite Marlins players if I go this Friday than I would if I waited until this year’s Marlins finally came to town. The only catch is that the Marlins will be in Cubs uniforms. Take a minute to let that sink in, it’s not an exaggeration. I can buy a ticket to a Marlins game and see Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, if Dontrelle is starting that day, or I can buy a Cubs ticket and see Derek Lee, Juan Pierre, and Ryan Dempster, If Dempster is pitching. In fact the Cubs are just one of quite a few teams that have more familiar (former) Marlins than the current Marlins roster which has 11 rookies and only 5 players with more than 3 years of experience or more. Basically I can see some of my favorite Marlins no matter what 2 teams are playing. This is yet another of the mixed blessings of being a Marlins fan I guess. I’ll still be at PNC when the Marlins make it to town, but I’ll be in the upper deck because the big money will be spent to see the Ryan, Derek, Juan, and Cubs.

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