Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Paid How Much For This???

If you ever wonder why I'm so harsh toward pitt's law school (intentionally lower case letters) today provided another good example. I went to a meeting about how to register for courses and it turns out that Valencia Community College is far more technologically advanced than this law school. Let that sink in for a moment....I'm at a school that is considered to be one of the nations 50 best and I'm longing to have the amenities that I used to have at a COMMUNITY COLLEGE. We all know that Valencia is a great deal for the price you pay and also I've often said that I would have gladly paid the full price without scholarships to go to UM if I would have had to (which costs more than pitt law by the way), but I must admit that I feel cheated paying the price that I am going to this school. So, for those of you who hear one of my law school rants remember that it's not a whinny student you're hearing, it's a ripped off consumer.
On the bright side I did go to two other events in the last two days and both were great. One was a panel on non-tradition jobs for lawyers and the other one was about legal careers in politics, I might post some interesting observations on those later though.

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Miss Amy said...

Girl you need to go and do what any of one of my customers would do. Bitch. Bitch loud. Bitch proud. Bitch as though they had come to your (section 8) house and stolen it out of your wallet. Never stop the bitching. Never ask questions.

Happy bitching!