Sunday, January 22, 2006

Best Window Decoration in Pittsburgh

While waiting for a bus this morning I looked up at the law school building and noticed something I hadn't seen before. Something that should be put on all of the law school's recruitment brochures. What I saw was this...
Yes, one of the professors has an inflatable replica of The Scream (pictured below) looking out over all those who tread upon the Law School's soil.
Now scroll down a couple of posts and look at the clip art I used to visually portray the law school experience. Apparently law school is as nonsensical and maddening to at least one of the professors as it is to the students. Of course the frustrating nature of law school shouldn't come as a shock to me considering that they claim to refine your critical thinking and reasoning skills, yet on the first day of orientation they blatantly use the fallacy of appeal to tradition (scroll down to the post from January 17 for reference to clip art and the orientation fallacy usage).
And for those of you who are thinking I must be hating law school after 2 posts in one week that appear to be very negative about the topic I'd like to clarify. I don't really hate it (that much). At this point the inconsistencies and oddities of the experience have become humorous to me.

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Miss Amy said...

The Lord has sent you a sign. Oooooh Jesus Ooooooh Jesus Ooooooh Jesus. Git 'im Git 'im Git i'm Git 'im