Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Kurt Angle's Birthday

Today we continue our December birthday-paloza with my favorite wrestler (tied for 1st with two other guys) Kurt Angle. A little history for those who aren't familiar with Kurt:
1. He's very proud of being from my current place of residence Pittsburgh, PA.
2. He won the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling…with a broken neck*.
3. On his website he's politicing to serve as the next Chairman on the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness.
4. Like myself he is bald.
5. Like myself he is prone to exhibit kitschy patriotic tendencies.
6. His character, like myself, preaches the importance of “the 3 I’s” which are Intensity, Intelligence, and Integrity.
7. For more Check out his Wikipedia biography.
*The injury was officialy two fractured cervical vertebrae in his neck

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Angelina said...

That is a shockingly detailed and academic look at Kurt Angle on that website. See, people? Adam isn't the only one!