Friday, December 16, 2005

Finally D-Wade Gets Some of the Love He Deserves

Some of you know that back in Dwayne Wade's rookie year I started the Committee to Give Dwayne Wade the Love He Deserves. I did this because I felt his talent was being overlooked by people fighting their way to worship at the feet of (the CLEARLY INFERIOR) Carmelo Anthony and (the equivalent) Lebron James. Now it looks like the the Committee has reached a major milestone as Dwayne's jersey is now the #1 selling NBA jersey. However our mission is not complete as D-Wade is not yet the leading vote getter in All-Star balloting. Do your part and click here to vote for D-Wade for the All-Star Game.


Miss Amy said...

I must say I'm a little hurt at not being mentioned. While it is true that you are the founder by virtue of recognizing the need for Dwyane love, I believe I was the one who named the committee. :::weep:::

mandybrooks5157 said...
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