Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sick and about to fall asleep at the library for the second time

I was about to doze off into the makeshift pillow of my criminal law book when I read this..."Just imagine what would happen if lawyers were to refuse, for instance, to represent persons whom they thought to be guilty...The private judgment of individual lawyers would in effect be substituted for the public, institutional judgment of the judge and jury. The amorality of lawyers helps to guarantee that every criminal defendant will have his or her day in court."
I think that I'll put a version of that last sentence on my business card.
Adam Samons
"My amorality helps guarantee your day in court"

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Miss Amy said...

I am thinking that while you are pursuing this law school thing you should try your hand at advertising for Pittsburgh attorneys. "Adam Samons Legal Services & All That Shit" comes to mind....Liberty City being the inspiration as usual.