Thursday, September 08, 2005

Props to Andre

I just got done watching Andre Agassi come back to beat James Blake at the U.S. Open. In a time when most of the athletes I grew up watching have started to retire or just get to old to be useful it's great to watch Andre still playing at such a high level. Andre is especially close to my heart since we were both sporting the mullet back in the late 80s (as seen in the picture to the left) and then made the smooth and sexy transition to baldness. In many ways he is my follicle soul mate. So to you I say Bravo Andre, Bravo.

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Miss Amy said...

Another thing you have in common is that you were both nailing Barbra Streisand in the early 90's. Bravo Adam Bravo. Also, it was nice to see Andre put that uppity darky in his place. J/K I LOVE YOU BLAKE!!!! Also, I can wait to see the Agassi/Graf progeny in about 15 years.